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Factions Resurrected & 1.10

Omanoctoa A
Omanoctoa @ Endless Horizons

Firstly, as many of you have already noticed, Endless Horizons is now 1.10!!!

The world hasn't been reset because very few thigns were added in 1.10 to require a reset, however we will be offering the new materials through a new Nether.

And in other news... Factions are returning!!

Glimpse into a possible faction spawn!
A glimpse into a possible Faction Spawn

But...lots of servers have factions. We want to make them a little different, and would like some input on how that could work! SEND US YOUR IDEAS!!! Either reply to this post or create your own thread in the forums!

We have a few ideas already collected, check them out: http://endlesshorizons.co.uk/forum/m/3679648/viewthread/27567983-factions-are-returning

We would like to know what you, our community and family, would like to see in Factions.

Right now there are 2 proposed ideas on the table:

  • Standard Factions concept, where you can join an existing faction or create your own, claim land and battle away as you like. Of course, we'll be adding some classes, perks and lots of dungeons and such, just to make things interesting! Land claiming will be like normal, but more expensive to make claims worth fighting over. Not interested in a set faction? Strike out on your own and fight solo, claiming what you kill!

  • A slightly different approach. 4 main factions, pre-created at the beginning of the game, with existing bases. Players can join one of those four, and receive a faction-specific boost/perk that will give them a huge advantage. However, players will claim land similar to in Survival, and claims can be DESTROYED, either directly or by explosions, etc. This will give players the ability to build a base away from the Faction Spawn, gather resources and claim raidables and minibases, that can be fought over and claimed by the enemy. The main factions base will be ill-suited for a base, but if the enemy can capture it they earn rewards. Players can also strike out on their own, like normal, and can earn additional boosts.

We are looking for ways to mix up the usual, generic factions experience and do not wish to repeat the same mistakes from past Faction worlds.

Choose a Faction!

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We have Discord now! That's right, your favorite chat and voice client has come to EndlessHorizons!

You can download Discord here

You can join our server by clicking on this link:


Endless Horizons is now 1.9

Actually it happened a couple weeks ago, but we are now announcing it because a new world will be generated for 1.9 with new features! Lots of new features :D

However, the old world is not connected - this will be a fresh start. That said...we're offering something different this time. If you built something you want to keep for yourself, log in, write down the world and your coordinates (or ask another player, if this isn't possible for you) and we will (most likely) save it as a schematic for you to download and keep for yourself. Saved builds may also be re-used later, but we are not planning on copying over people's homes or farms and such, unless by popular demand they are deemed EPIC :)

Hopefully come next weekend we'll be all set up so for now let's say next week is the deadline. The staff will be saving the odd build regardless, but if you have somethign specific you want saved, Get Us Those Coordinates!

But, why a new world??? Well, to stress the new perks system and encourage people to take what they've learned and build new things. Plus, it's 1.9 - explore!! Also, this way everyone starts on equal footing - save for Potato who was the first player in the new world and had a head start.

Did I read New Perks System? Oh yes! As you know many servers are overhauling their perks and donation system and EH strives to do one better - not just make the perks accessible to all, but make sure they are still fun! More on the specifics later...

The new system will let you EARN perks based on playtime, voting, Mystery Boxes (!), Quests, mob-drops, achievements and much more. You will also be able to donate to the server for Serverwide Perks that everyone benefits from. We're still working out what some of these will be, but we're not ruling out 24-hour /fly!!

Perks Menu


Ohhhhh this is good. This is what I've been working on for the last 6 months - all those times when people asked "Is EH dead? What are you doing??" THIS is what I've been doing :)

How about a little peek at our upcoming perks system? (the full line-up and usage will be posted afterwards)

PERKS - Access to most donator perks and then some!

  • Torch Master: Light up the world around you simply by holding a torch, lava bucket, glowstone, etc...
  • Magician: Watch as your Enchantment Table fills itself with Lapis Lazuli - it's like magic!
  • Alchemist: Unlimited Blaze Powder in your Brewing Stand means you never run out of potions!
  • Featherfoot: Never worry about building at heights again. No fall damage!
  • Compassjump: The famed donator perk - teleport with compasses!
  • HeadsUp: Put blocks on your head! Gives new meaning to Block-Head!!

PETS - Summon faithful companions to follow you around! To be expanded!

  • Make them your own! Customize your pet's name, appearance and more!
  • Hail the Riders: Ride your pet for some cool abilities!
  • Dragonslayer: Summon a Dragon! Meh....RIDE A DRAGON!
  • Always-Fools-Day: Amaze and intimidate your friends as a Wither appears before them!

MECHANICS - Change how Minecraft operates!

  • Gates: Through the power of Craftbook, make entire walls vanish before your eyes!
  • Experience it Later: Tired of losing it all? Store your EXP for a rainy day!
  • Bridges: Make the floor vanish and reappear! Instant sunroof!

TRAILS - Particle effects to show off your style and power!

  • Color Trails: Match your mood or show off your favorite!
  • Power Overwhelming: Show off your power and skill with an aura of particle energy!
  • Trolling Mayhem: Use an Invisiblity Potion and troll your friends!

UNLOCKABLE KITS - A helping hand when you need it most!

  • Armorsmith: Spawn gear so you are never unprepared!
  • The Cure: Convert Zombie Villagers into Villagers with a great conversion kit!
  • Light Up the Night: Grab a handful of fireworks and light up the night. Includes some choice fireworks from the Alexis Collection
  • Daily Reward: Unlock a daily Pay Day kit - very rare!

SERVERWIDE PERKS - A little something for everyone!

  • Eclipse: The party won't stop 'til the sun comes up...which will be a while...with 24-hours of Night!
  • Daylight Savings: Chase away the shadows with 24-hours of daylight!
  • Unlimited: Work In Progress. 24000 bricks and counting... Unlimited blocks for 24 hours!
  • Day of Mystery: Disguise yourself as a mob for a day. Who is who? What will you be?

And much much more! Hey, I said I'd been busy...


Ok, like other servers, we're trying to get away from the Pay-to-Win concept and this is how we think it could work. The exact extent of the changes, as well as specifics, will come later, but here are a few things that will be affected (not all related to P2W changes):

  • Donator perks and ranks
  • Ingame perks
  • Kits and Minigame Kits
  • Sethomes
  • Playermall

...more on these later on. Until we can get everything sorted out, we will be removing the Donator Perks from the Store.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply here or talk with us ingame. We'll get back to you when we can :)

Thanks for reading and staying with us,

Omanoctoa, Head Admin

PS-Silk Touch II will be available for purchase at the Admin Shop soon - it mines spawners!

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